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looking for a answer?

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Hey ladies! hope this fines you all doing ok. I have finished chemo and radition in March. I started having real bad pain in my left wrist in May. I went to the dr. and they took x-rays and thought it was just coprul tunnel(spelled wrong). I continue to hurt so I went to a orpt. dr. and he sent me to therepy 3 times a week. It still hurt real bad, so I had a bone scan, The doctors think it could be a start of arthistis. It hurts really bad still, I hate to complain so much, but I worry that it could be bone cancer. Has anyone every experience this before. Or could anyone please give me some advice. I go back to my onologoist in Dec. for a 3 month check-up. Thanks, Maggie

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Maggie, I, too, have a lot of bone pain left. Especially in my left hip and lower back. My main concern has been a return of breast cancer as it seems to love the bones to metastasize to. I am having an MRI of my lower back Tuesday because of a different kind of pain than the one I had been experiencing. Sometimes I wonder, will it ever be over? Will life ever resemble "normal" again. Will I ever be able to put "cancer" on the back burner again? Jane

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Hi Maggie

How was your MRI. Hope the news was good. I know what you mean. Every ache & pain you get the first thought is "oh no has it struck here now". We really are a paranoid lot aren't we? But I suppose that's to be expected. Breast cancer does seem to love the bones for mets (I've got so many I've lost count) but they all respond to the same treatment so whether it's 1 met or 20 doesn't seem to matter - just the rate they are growing at.

Let us know how you got on.
Love & hugs

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