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Neuropathy from Taxotere

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I still have neuropathy in my fingers and feet, I finished chemo April 25th, how long does it take to go away?

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My surgeon and oncologist said to wait 18 months for the neuropathy to subside. It's been 2 yrs and I still have tingling and some burning but at least I can walk. I stopped treatment after 1 Taxol as they said it would only get worse if I took the other 3. Someone today suggested that I try L glutamine (in powder mixed with juice) supplement 3 times a day. I will ask my doctors about this when I see them next month for my 4 month visit. I spent alot of time trying to find comfortable shoes. Magnetic inserts helped some but I found wearing wide cushy sandals provided the most comfort. Foot massages help too.

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Stella Mary: to margaret - re neuropathy - your doctor mentioned it took 18 months before the neuropathy to subside; how long did it take for you to finally walk. I am on crutches; have severe neuropathy in right foot; not bad in left foot.

I will check with my doctor, but I am taking Vit B6, Neutrontin, L-Gluatamin (comes in 500 mg capsules; not sure if I should take three a day or not; just started taking tomoxefin. I am having stress from this; will check and see if I should take multivitamin and B complex. Do you have any comments about these things. Thanks.

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