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Some Good News

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Hi every one.

Last night I got some good news & I want to share it with everyone. My recurrent cancer is responding rapidly to treatment. I have grade 3-4 mets (estrogen positive) after 19 years symptom free but my protein marker levels are now dropping rapidly on a treatment of Tamoxifen and radiation. I feel better than I have for 6 months and want to wish everyone on the network some equally good news. A few weeks ago I was in deep depression but finding this network has brought hope back into my life. Thank you all for caring & being there.

Love to you all & prayers & hugs

Pam from New Zealand.

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Way to go Pam, Tiger here, see,I told you that all would be fine, positive attitude is 99% of the battle. I know all will go good for all of us on here, we are strong and we shall kick butt!!!! Keep up the good fight and keep us posted. Big Hugs,Tiger. xo

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great stuff, pam. so pleased for you. take care, be happy. susan from canada

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FAAAAANTASTIC!!! Love,loulou

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Pam, this is absolutely wonderful. Keep up the fight girl. You'll win it again. We're with you!

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Hi Pam. It was so encouraging to hear your good news. You must be thrilled. I too have responded well (so far) to chemo. It sounds like we both have alot to thank the Lord for this Thanksgiving. By the way, the US just celebrated Thanksgiving Day on Thursday. When is it celebrated in New Zealand? How old were you when you were first diagnosed? It must have been a terrible shock to be diagnosed a second time after all those years. (But I have to confess, that at this point in my treatment, I would be absolutely ecstatic to go 19 years without any recurrence.) I don't mean to downplay your current struggle at all--please don't misunderstand my ramblings. One thing you can take comfort in is that medical technology has changed so drastically since your first diagnosis. There is a whole new arsenal of medical weapons available today that weren't even thought of 19 years ago. Well, so long for now. Keep that good news coming! Jackie

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Pam, Just read our wonderful good news. This is a real Thanksgiving Blessing, isn't it.It is very hard to stay strong and positive all the time and we are only human to dispair sometimes. Then great news like yours comes our way and we rejoice for you!!!! GOD does have his loving arms around you, Pam, as he does each and everyone of us here. I feel sometimes he gives us the right words to comfort one another. We all share such a strong bond here on this CSN site, all praying for each other, laughing with each other and sometimes crying with each other, but there is always someone here to listen. I cried for you tonight, but they are happy tears. Your Friend, Nancy

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