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Chemo can cause Cancer, Is this true.

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I have recently been told there is an artical in the JAMA that some chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of TESTICULAR Cancer cause a recurrance of diffrent types of cancer in ten years. Has anyone seen this artical? I would like to know the names of the chemotherapy drugs.

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Hi, my name is Rory. I haven't seen the article, but your source is probably right. Although I don't believe I had chemo only radiation, I am currently being evaluated for secondary cancer. My brother have lung cancer treated with chemo and radiation, then developed a secondary cancer in his abdomen. The secondary cancer was not related to the first cancer. There was much discussion about the possibility that the chemo had an impact on his immune system, thus the second cancer. I would suggest you do a search at JAMA wedsite for the article. Good luck!
~ Rory

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