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Re: Met. Breast Cancer on the Lung

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Hello, I am new to this site. I was diagnosed w/ breast cancer in'97 now it has moved to my lung. I am on Taxol and it working well for me. I am 32 and want to live a long life and have children. I have found it hard to communicate with anyone who has gone through cancer and later had children. If you have been through this please contact me with your story. May God Bless all of you and your families. My prayers are with each and everyone of you,because i have been there and done that and I want you to look up and smile each and every day because that is all any of us know we have. Smile God loves us!!!!

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Hi KMilner, I just read your web page. You are an inspiration...You will beat this disease again, I have no doubt. You are taking Taxol and I have read such horror stories about that drug. How does it effect you and how much will you have to take? It seems to give everyone so much pain. Stay in touch with all of us, we have become a family. Welcome to our family. nancy

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Hi kmilner. I read your post and thought I'd pass on a little info. I was in the waiting room at my chemo clinic yesterday, and I was glancing thru some magazines. One is called "Mamm" Magazine and seems to be a great magazine for info about various types of reproductive cancer. On the front cover was a headline titled "Pregnancy after breast cancer". I was just about to open the magazine to read the article (with you in mind) when I was called back to see the Dr. Since I've already stolen (gasp!) one issue of Mamm from that waiting room, I couldn't bring myself to swipe another. However, I believe they have a website ( This was in the June 2000 issue, in case you try to get a hold of this copy. Hope this helps. God Bless You. Jackie

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Hello Kmilner

I too have mets on the lung. My original cancer was diagnosed in 1981 but after I had my children. You beat it once as I did & I know you will again. Is your cancer hormone positive? I will pray for you & send you some hugs. This network has been my redemption as here you know everyone knows exactly how you feel and we will all support each other when we are down. If you feel like screaming - scream at us. We will laugh with you & cry with you whenever you need us. Hang on in there. Pam from New Zealand.

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Just curious to see how you were initally treated in 1997. What Stage were you and how many nodes were positive? How was Mets. to lungs and bones detected?

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