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Arimidex & reoccurrence

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Anyone have a reoccurrence while 'on' Arimidex?

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I've just been diagnosed with a recurrence in the same breast after 2 years.  Apparently in the 20% that didn't respond to Arimidex.  What treatment options did others choose?


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I have recently had a 2nd diagnosis (breast, but different pathology) after being on Arimidex

1st Dx was lobular and hormone +

2nd Dx is ductal and triple -

20 yrs between Dx and about 15 years on Arimidex (after 5 yrs of Tamoxifen)

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I am so sorry your back on the rollar coaster again.  UGH.   We all remain hopeful it does not happen to us, yet we all know there is that chance and I hate it for you. 

Keeping you in my prayers.



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Went in for my 5 year check up mammogram after being on anestrozole 2 weeks ago it's back

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