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Maybe not bone cancer?

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My Mom was undergoing chemo for lung cancer treatment. Before the final scan,
she suffered a stroke (6 mos ago). Blood tests and scans since have been okay until yesterday.
She thought she might have injured her tailbone, as she was experiencing some pain during
the last couple of weeks. Ice seemed to really relieve. X-ray first showed what was suspected
as arthritis. Yesterday she was told it could be a hairline fracture of the spine, or possible
bone cancer. If blood tests are okay, and there was no mention of tumor - maybe it's not
the cancer spreading? Any suggestons?

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I am in the same position with my father. I have been told that blood tests can be ok (white cell count ok) and that does not been there is not cancer present. Maybe suggest other tests.... my father had MRI and bone scan, which is what indicated to them he had a 90% chance of bone cancer. Is your mom still doing ok? Do you want more feedback.

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