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thyroid cancer

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Hi, I was diagnosed with Pappilary Cancer in may- I have had the surgery, and 1 dose of Radiation so far. I will get a scan in the beginning of 2001, to see if it is all gone. I am 28. I am concerned it may still be there, I have ear pressure, and odd looking things in my throat also sysptoms that made me go to the dr. In the first place (such as tiredness-clearing my throat because of horsness)- Dr.s belive the tumor had been there for several years (because of the size) It was also attached to my vocal chords and 7 lymph nodes were removed.
It's very frustrating. When I first told Dr's of my syptoms they said oh it's stress, you have 3 kids that is why you are tired etc. etc. I had many thyroid blood test done in the past but my thyroid was functioning fine so they never picked up on it. My OB actually found the lump in my throat. I was angry because I know my body - it was telling me something and noone would listen.
I had my radiation in July and I am waiting to go for a check up on Dec. 2, As I mentioned earlier I am having ear pain again, and horsness and have to clear my throat often BUT I also have these red circle marks on the roof of my mouth, and blister like bubbles in the back of my throat ( I had them checked to make sure they are not strep)
My throat does not hurt, I thought maybe it was syptoms from the radiation.
Does anyone have the same problem?
Thanks for any responses

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I was diagnosed in Dec 2000 and have went through radiation. I am 23 and was diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer. The radiation affected my eating. I can't swallow big pills or even meat.

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I was diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer at age 38. Stage III. I had my thyroid removed Dec 2000 then also in Dec 2000 had a bilateral lymph node dissection. I had trouble eating after that surgery and I had to do speech therapy to learn to swallow again. I have just had a Ultra sound and CT scan of the neck last week and they think I have more problems. I will just have to wait and see what is in store for me and face it day by day.

Good Luck,
Making it

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Hello making it,
I am impressed by your story. Hoping you have had better news since your posting. I, too, have had a more difficult time with my thyroid cancer treatments. Been through surgeries, I-131 treatments, lost my voice temporarily, etc. Every time I feel secure about getting it under control something new crops up.
I would be interested in communicating more with you if you please.
best wishes,

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