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Trying to find help on caring for my brother-in-law wit throat cancer

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Hi! I have just joined your group. I have so many questions about my brother-inlaws throat cancer and how can I better help him and the family ? He is a young man of only 41 and had throat cancer surgery in May. He went through chemo and radition also, because they did not get it all. He has not been able to eat orally since May. He had a Bad infection after his therapies and just can't get back on his feet. He has lost so much weight and is now getting depressed, sleeping alot etc. Can you help me to help him. He is my husbands younger brother. I am very close to them and the children. But I need to talk to other people with throat cancer, so I can get help for him.
thank you all for your time and help. Toni

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I truly believe just being there will help more than anything, what does his Doctors say? It may just be a matter of time and someone in the family needs to be strong and supportive.
Call the local American canser society and see if they have volunteers who could come to visit, it helps to converse with others that have gone down this same road, they charge nothing and help so much.
God bless you all.

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i had cancer in 1990 and 1991 the dr. removed my vocal cords. i was on ensure for a month i had a tube running in my nose to drink the ensure after that the dr. told me to put some food in a blender to make it easy to swallow.if i can help e-mail. bye bye

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Is he physically better yet, that is has he recovered from surgery & infections? If so you might look into getting him into a support group for people going through similar experiences. Being on a liquid diet and thinking you may never get off of it can be devastating. His type of surgery requires learning how to chew & swallow in new ways but it is a very slow process and a person can become easily discouraged. Nutrition is also very important for his state of mind & body healing so try to get him to drink Ensure or something similar. Get rid of those hunger pains at all costs, not being able to eat that steak you smell cooking in the kitchen can be a morale killer!

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Toni, I hope you are still here. I have some questions for you. I am concerned I might have this, I go for surgery tuesday. How did he get it, how did he know something was wrong, what were the signs and symptoms.
how are things now. How can I help my family get through this. How can I help you
sue age 42

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Hi Sue,
Evelyn has been thru seven weeks of the max on radiation. She survived and it was very difficult. The cure rate is very high. Hang in there. If I can help you please feel free to call me at 256-536-7913 or send me an email to peincorp@aol.com. We have been dealing with this for 1 1/2 years now. If I can help you feel better in anyway let me know.

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Hello Toni,I am a throat cancer survivor,100% disabled in the agent orange program and I am currently a State Representative in Maine.I had 6 surgeries,too much radiation,several therapies from hyperbaeric to swalowing without an epiglotis.I spent some time as an in patient beating clinical depression.So I guess that you could say that,yes,I,ve been ther and done that.I came away swearing that if I could help someone to prevent going what I went through that I would.And,my life has become so much richer for it.Please feel free to either write,email or call me or have your brother in law do the same.ANYTIME! My email is reproger.landry@legislature.maine.gov I can receive mail at 2 State House Station Augusta,Me 04333-0002 or calls at 1 800 423 2900 or 207 287 1400 My home ino is: email feenix01@gwi.net address: 24 Witham St unit 16 Springvale,Me 04083 tel 207 490 3483. If you decide not to contact me at least consider finding someone that has been through the process to speak with.Positive energy is in all of us Toni,the trick is to recognise it then use it wizely.Be well regards,Rep Roger

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