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New to the group

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer three days before my 39th birthday. If that's not bad (sad) enough, I have two kids - one of which is 9 mos old. My family and friends have been very supportive, yet there are times when I feel alone. As far as I'm concerned, unless you have been through this, you have no conception of what it's like. That's why I'm here. so, please bear with me if I ramble on at times.

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Very well said, Ellen. And Lani, this is very true. We are always here for you for whatever reason. Whatever you have to "ramble" about we want to hear. Ramble and Rumble, sounds like a song doesn't it. You ramble, and we will rumble. Welcome, Lani. Come back often. Jane

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Thanks guys. I'm at the end of my second chemo. I have to see my oncologist on Friday, who will let me know if my lump has shrunk enough to have a lumpectomy. Sometimes I think I should have just had the mascetomy and got it over with. I can't wait to get this thing out of me. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed.

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Hey Lani! Welcome to the group! Don't worry about rambling on, if it helps you ramble on and we will listen. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 months before my 31st birthday. At the time that I was diagnosed my kids were 2 months and 7 years old. I do know what you are feeling, especially with the small child. If you need to talk, I also check this post or you may e-mail me at mln@netdoor.com I will remember you and your family in my prayers, stay on the positive side. take care, Maggie

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hi lani I am new to this site also but found out I had breast cancer feb 2000. I wish I had discovered it sooner. I turned 40 in aug and also have 2 children but mine are 10 and 13 years. my family is also very supportive but they just really do not know what you are going through. hang in there and good luck to you.

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Hi Lani
Welcome to the group. You certainly came to the right place, you will find many warm and memorable moments from many wonderful women on this site. Have you started treatment yet, and what is your next step. Just remember you have two very strong reasons to stay focused and keep a very positive attitude. Keep in touch and let us know what's next. My prayers are with you,
Your friend, vinnie

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Dear Lani

I too am new to the group but this is my second time around. I was a little younger than you when first diagnosed & have had 19 years since then so hang on in there. There is a lot of hope & progress going on. This group will laugh with you, cry with you & always be there for you as they have for me in a couple of short weeks. I pray for a good outcome for you.

Love from Pam

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