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Hi! I am a survivor of AML7 (Megacariosidic Lukemia) ok i sort of spelled that wrong. But anyways i'm 15 and was diagnosed at age 3mo. I am interested in talking with other survivors in order to really understand my disease since i do not remember ever having it. ~Sara~

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my Mom. had tumor in her stomach
she was hospitalized by removing one tumor on the skin but remaining tumor start to spread to all over, she feel she can't eat,
she can't breath,her stomach swall with giganic tumor contain, now her feet swell as well, she can't walk, I am afraid of what is the next, she is in homecare right now
please tell me any kind of drug can release her pain. she is 80 years old, occationally took medicine for heart,
now she is slim to bone, can't take any radical or chemical treatment.
please fax to me before sat. 4/15/01
at fax #011886-426220419
Richard Yang

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