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secondary lung cancer from previous radiation to chest

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My name is Rory. I have developed pain in my upper chest and back with aching and swelling of the left arm and hand. I have a history of Hodgkins lymphoma with mantle radiation. Doctor states I am very high risk for lung cancer, sarcoma, breast cancer, and non-hodgkins. She is most worried about lung cancer. Since I have a pacemaker the cannot do an MRI. They did a CT scan but can't visualize behind the pacer due to scatter emitting from the unit. They also found a small spot in my right lung which may be a granuloma, but they are not sure. Thus, they are going to consider doing a PET scan. Has anyone ever had one of these? What other symptoms should I be watching for? I know about Hodgkins but not alot about lung cancer or any of the others. Thanks for any information you can give.

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Here again I have had 3 done and had no problems or side effects. The sugar stuff they inject into you is radioactive and if you have any tiny little cancers hiding in you the little cancers will come out of hiding to eat the radioactive sugar and that makes them light up and glow when they go back into hiding so the doctor knows exactly where they are to be treated.

You go into a machine kind of like the CT Scan and I was so relaxed I fell asleep and they woke me up when it was over.

I experienced no pain or discomfort from it.

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You might want to make a note of the date on the post you were answering :)

I'm having a PET scan tomorrow, my third or fourth - the worst part is sticking to the dietary restrictions the day before and missing my coffee in the morning...

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