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Good News!!

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Hi guys, Tiger here, I hope you are all doing ok, I am on cloud nine right now, I had my cat scan and my onco called last night, the two tumours on my liver have shrunk!!! yeeha!! He said not alot but a noticeable difference since my last ct. So now i plod along for three more courses of chemo then another ct in nine weeks to check progress. There is light at the end of the tunnel, at first when this all started in Jan 99 I was figuring I would be long done by now, by now I am realizing it is a long road if you really want to fight, so i am now going into my 11 th month of chemo, Hopefully by spring when the flowers are in bloom ,I will be in bloom too!! That will be my goal, get the dark cold winter over with, and be well in spring to enjoy the colors. Thank you all for always being there and letting me vent.

Take care and keep the faith, Love Tiger xoxoxox

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tiger, loulou here. YAHOO!!!!! Because of your attitude, I had a feeling thats what you were going to hear. Congrats. loulou

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loulou, nancy again. I tried to email you through your web site but kept coming back as server error. I just sent you a post on the brain cancer site and now figured out that I have talked to you here, too. I do believe you spoke to an angel with a very strong message to you. Keep in touch, nancys

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