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In March of this year my Mom had a radically masectomy on her left side. They removed 16 lymph nodes. 6 chemo treatments were recommended.
She took 2, she had to be hospitalized after each one and refused to take anymore. Since the surgery she has developed severe pain in her left shoulder,
rib cage area,arm, and chest. Two months ago she became hoarse developed difficulty swallowing and breathing. Throast specialist says vocal chord on left is
paralyzed. She has gone from 110lbs to 81lbs. She is very weak,she can barely go to bathroom alone. We seem to be getting runaround from doctors, has anyone else had
an experience like this? I am very concerned....she says she thinks she will die before month is out if something isn't done. I don't know what to do.

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minkey, you don't say what age you are, but you obviously are very concerned. have you considered going back to your local doctor, who may not have been involved in your mom's treatment, to ask him to look into things? you might also want to contact a person at your local church. often there is a large network of people who can help. i do hope you can find some answers. but if you don't, just keep loving and caring for your mom. that will be great medicine for her. kind regards, susan

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