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Sentinel node biopsy

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Is this always necessary or does the lymphcentigram determine whether or not it is?
I am told that the lymphcentigram will determine this, yet prior to the resulting feedback the node biopsy was scheduled.

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I was told the lymphocentigram is done only to determine the "sentinel lymph node". The sentinel lymph node is the first lymph node to which the area involved drains. They then remove the sentinel for biopsy. If the sentinel is "clean" there is an extremely small chance any other lymph nodes having tumors. In my case, the sentinel came back positive and the doctors have decided I need to have the rest of my lymph nodes removed. I'm not sure I agree. They say they cannot determine if the other lymph nodes are ok until they have removed them. Seems pretty sucky to me!!

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You are absolutely correct. It is "sucky". And it is true that they cannot tell if you have it in those lymph nodes until they have biopsied them. It does suck. But you are correct..that is the way it works.

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