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cervical cancer

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guess it has been 9 years now since I had the colposcopy(sp)when my MD removed my cervical cancer. They said it was a cin3 type and it can show up in other parts of the body. I get regular mamograms and pap smears, so far so good. but that echo of other parts of my body has bothered me for 9 years. Any Ideas??????

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I'm 19 and was to have leep done because I was cin2. When I went to have it removed I was told the area was to lage and it was on one side of my vagina wall. They have prolonged my treantment and I still have no idea how server it may be. It has grow so fast and I'm so young.
If you could give me some on your passed of having cin3 I would really help me out. Depending on how they removed your cancer is the risk it may show up in other parts of your body. By what I have rearched cancer is most likely to show back up with a cone biopsy if cancer has invaded deeper layers of the cervix. You can find more information on this at discoveryhealth.com and it has more details in the artical.
I want to thank you for listing to me I really need some help.

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i found out when i was 33 just about a year ago in june i was so sceard my doc was great she was so supportive for me and my family and sent me to yale new haven hospital i was suppose to have a radical hysterectomy but the cancer spread to my lymphoneds they removed a total of 3 nods but did not remove my plumming thay said that it would make the treatment harder i had chemo and radiation it was long and hard but i made it through and now i just recieved my first pap since my treatment and it was neg. i am CLEAN i know it is hard now but keep positive and faith in the lord because he loves you and through god all things are posible stay strong you can do it

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Any time I get a headache my first thought is "Oh, God... now what?". I supposed the best thing to do is be proactive. What else can you do? Don't blow off tests and appointments. Take good care of yourself and focus ahead or right in front of you. What chances did they give you of a recurrence? Have you talked to your doctors?

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Dear Liebmanns,
My name is Terri I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in June of 99. I have gone through chemo & radiation and radiation implants. I also have stents in my kidneys because the tumor wrapped around my ureter blocking my urine. I will probably have this for the rest of my life and they have to be change every 6 six months. Due to the implants I can no longer have children. The implants pretty much killed my insides. I still have all my female parts there just shriveled up and no good. My doctors also told me that the cancer could show up anywhere. I think your in a good place though you've made it 9 years it's only been a little over 2 years for me. They say if you make it through the first 5 years your chances are good. I try to put it out of my mind and not think to much about it. I have two children that keep me busy. Do you have kids ? I know it's hard not to think about it. You can't let it take over your life. I have another 3 years to go and I honestly don't let it bother me. I guess if it's my time to go, It's my time to go. I can honestly say when I found out that the only thing that scared me the most was that my little girl (which was 3 months old) was never going to know her mommy because they only gave me 30 to 40% chance of living. But i'm here now and she's 3 years old. Well I hope that things I said will help you. And I hope you continue to do well. Terri,

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My mom was recently diagnosed with stage III cervical cancer. Thanks for giving me hope. I am more scared of losing her than anything else. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. More power to you...

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hi my name is melissa and i was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. i had a hystarectomy but doctors left my overies which are no good because of all the chemo and radiation ive had.. i am cancer free for a year now but having swelling in my legs and severe pain what can i do to get rid of the swelling??? any ideas?????

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Hi Melissa,
It has been 1 1/2 since my treatments. I still have follow ups every 3 months. At each visit my doctor always checks my legs for swelling. I asked him at my last visit why. He told me swelling could mean poor circulation, lymphedema or a reoccurrence. Consult your doctor, they should be able to tell you why and help.
Take Care and God Bless,

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Melissa, My name is Susan. I am a cervical cancer survivor (diagnosed in 1/00.) I have had lymphedema in my legs since about six months following treatment (I had a radical hysterectomy, chemo, radiation). I know a great deal about lymphedema, mostly through self-education. Many Dr's do not understand it. The main thing I've learned is to be very vigilant in everything you do to combat the effects of lymphedema. It is extremely difficult to turn things around if they get out of hand. I go for weekly manual lymph drainage massage, swim and do specific exercises at home, wrap my legs at night and wear compression stockings daily. I've learned which foods to avoid and what activities aggravate the condition. If you have not been getting treatment, do so immediately!! Things will only get worse, and it is possible to get a severe infection. Good Luck to you and let me know how things go.

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I'm almost 20 years old and when i was 18 it was reveiled to me that i have cervical cancer. I've had one colposcopy and yet again i have to have another because of abnomalties.

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