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A Happy Sunday Story To Share

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Hello everyone, I want to share a happy story with all of you. My white blood count is very low and my onco nurse told me to stay away from crowds, and friends, even family members until it comes back up. This has been very hard not to see my children and grandchildren, especially when the grandchildren ask on the phone,"grandma when are we going to get to see you again". Sunday afternoon, I was on the computer when my husband called me into the living room. There in my front yard stood all my children and grandchildren holding handmade signs. The signs read, we miss your kiss, & hurry up and get well, we love you, and each sign the grandchildren had made had drawings and a picture of them on it. I cried of course, happy tears. I went out on the porch and we all talked and then I made each one a bag of candy. Then we did "air hugs and blew kisses" They drove away waving goodbye without coming in the house. That was hard to not invite them in but this time will pass soon. I am so grateful for my family and I am also grateful for all of you here on this site.I think I have spoken with most all of you and I love you each and everyone. Your Friend, Nancys

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What a wonderful story, Nancy. Thank you for sharing it. Jane

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HI Nancy,Tiger here, thank you so much for sharing your story, i really needed to smile today, i had my ct scan and now have to wait eight days for the results ,so of course i am on edge, your story made me smile and lightened my shoulders. You will do wonderfully because you are such a sweet woman. Love from Tigerxoxo

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nancy, i just about cried when i read it, too! you are so lucky to have a family that cares so much. i do too, and i don't know what i would have done without them. come on, white blood cells! love susan

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nancy, I love your story! I look at it as one of those wonderful experience's that we never would have had if we didn't have cancer. Thanks for sharing. loulou

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Hi I am new to this sight and this is one for the first messages I read. I am not new to cancer though. have been going through treatments since march. So thanks for the happy story

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Welcome to this site. We are all a bunch of very friendly ladies who are more than willing to help any way we can and to share our stories. We have all had cancer or are going through treatment for it right now. So we can associate with whatever you are facing. Let us help you through it and vice versa. Jane

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