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Must read book

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Hello Ladies. I believe every breast cancer survivor needs to read this book. The author has put down our feelings and our emotions in a way that are very hard to express. She truly understands what it means to be a breast cancer survivor. It's a great reference book for all breast cancer patients, lets them know what is ahead for them and how to handle it. She tells us what to expect from our doctors and ancillary staffs. It's truly great reading. The title is LIVING BEYOND BREAST CANCER by Marisa Weiss, MD and Ellen Weiss. The publisher is Times Books, a subsidiary of Random House. The cost here in Houston was $16.95 at Barnes and Nobles. It has helped to answer a lot of my questions. I hope you find it as helpful. Jane

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hey Jane, I read the book. It was wonderful and a great help. maggie

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Hey Jane, Thanks for the message. I need a new read and this sounds like what I need right now. Jane while you are at the ACS, could you find out if there is anything available to explain all the abbreviations on these blood test results? I have looked all over the web and can find very little. Does anyone there know of a book I could buy. I think we need a web site to explain all of that. A copy of a blank lab report with all the abbreviations for the tests explained and what the tests are for. If you hear anything, email me or post back here,I will be watching for you. Stay well and strong, Your Friend, Nancys

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Nancy, I am a medical transcriptionist and know a little about lab tests and the results. And I have a plethora of reference books. Just ask me and I will let you know what I know. Jane

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Hi Jane, You have opened Pandora's box. I want to know every blood test abbreviation. That will be a lot of research for you...Here is my list...and I will fill in what I know or think I know.
WBC white blood count
LYM Lymphocytes
*MID ?
GRAN Granulocytes

RBC Red blood count
HCT ? (as you see I know very little about this)
PLT Platlets
Then we come to the heading Manuel Differential
This is a lot of information for you to look up and I can go over this with my onco nurse on my next visit, November 8th, so Jane, if you can not find the time to do this, I well understand. This is the weekly blood test report they give me and then each time I see my Doctor, he gives me the complete blood count. My white cells are low right now,1.9, but I understand this happens 10-15 days after infusion. There is so much to learn about this cancer!! Thank you for your generous offer, I know I am asking for a lot of information. Your Friend, Nancy

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Hello Jane, Thank you so much for looking up all those abbreviations for me. I put them on the page in a line to make it easier to read, but the print came thruogh across the page. I'm sure that made it harder for you to read. I wish you GOD'S SPEED through your surgery on Tuesday and a quick and painfree recovery. I will remember you with a special prayer on Tuesday morning. Write as soon as you feel up to it. Your Friend, Nancy

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