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just signed on

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Joined: Oct 2000

Hi I just started this, and I'm afraid I'm not very good at it. Well, I guess the cancer is teaching me to use the computer. I had breast cancer last year, and now I'm a survivour, looking for someone the correspond with about BC

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Hi!. I just started trying the computer recently, following mastectomy and reconstruction. I'm not sure I really know what i"m doing, but I,m trying. Would love to speak with you about BC, especially since I'm a new survivor.

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Hello Nori, Welcome to CSN. You have come to the right place...We are a group of women who keep in contact and encourage one another and share experiences, sometimes on a daily basis. You are the best encouragement we beginners can hear about. One year out and cancer free..GREAT!! I am just beginning my chemo and have a long way to travel, but sharing with everyone here really helps keep my attitude positive and hopeful. One day I hope I can say, "one year out and cancer free" just like you. Your new friend, Nancys

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Hello Nori. Welcome. You have come to the best group of ladies on the internet. I, too, had breast cancer last year. Finished chemo on October 3, 1999 and chemo on December 23, 1999. I am still cancer-free. Anytime you want to talk, please feel free to e-mail any of us or use this site. We are all very vocal. Again, Welcome and congratulations on being a survivor. Jane

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Nori, Hi, let me also say welcome! And a big Amen....I am also a breast cancer survivor, 9 months out. I have so enjoyed this site and have met some wonderful ladies whom I feel a close bond with, I think you will too. You will soon get the hang of how this all works, I was lost at first. Stay well and in touch. Murphy

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Hi,I am Tiger, congratulations on your victory, I cannot wait until I join the survivor status, I am currently in my 10 th month of chemo, was your cancer just in the breast or elswhere? mine is breast mets liver, i am doing Herceptin/Taxol at the moment with a ct scan on halloween to check progress, Hopefully they are shrinking, I wish you well in your future and chat anytime, I am always checking in . Tiger

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