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small cell lung cancer

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hi my mom was diagnosed with sclc on my birthday and had around of chemo at the end of sept. she's now doing her second round of chemo and i was wondering if you were going to get nausea from it how long does it take she had none on the first round, and also where's a good place for wigs, I have long hair and am willing to use mine to make one for her, anyone else have sclc out there? she has it with superior vena cava syndrome also, i'm new to this so bare with my questions,thanks

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Hi fava, this is loulou. I am now in remission, but I had nscl, and superior vena cava syndrome. I ended up taking steroids for the svcs for about 6 wks. I was told that if you didn't get sick on the first round of treatment, then your chances are good that you won't get sick with the rest. I too was lucky, I didn't get sick from my treatments either. They were long treatments, so I always brought crafts to do while I was there. Hope things continue to go good with your mom. Let me know. loulou

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Hi Fava,
I also have SCLC which was diagnosed mid August. I have just finished my 3rd round of chemo and the only problem I have had has been hairloss and some tiredness. It depends on what drugs are being used. I am having Carboplatin on Day 1 with Etoposide on Days 1,2 and 3. I am also given Zofran antinausea tabs on Day 1 and 2, Dexamthasone antinausea on Day 1 and Maxolon from day 2 to day 4.
I live in New Zealand so I can't advise on wigs - our government pays for a wig. I went and chose mine before I lost my hair so that colour could be matched and so that it would be ready for when I did lose my hair. I really only wear it during the week for work purposes. I began to lose it after the first round of chemo but once again it is really individual with some lucky people keeping their hair.


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Linda, Just read your message from October. How are you doing now? Was your diagnosis for limited or extensive stage? My husband has extensive and he is taking the same combination of chemo drugs, also radiation. Ann & Joe

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Do not fret. I am a survivor. I am 27. How old is your mom? I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. If your mom had no nausea from the first dose she'll probably do o.k. What kind of chemo? How much is a round? I had my first round of chemo and that equals 3 days in a row 3 hours a day of cistplatin and something else, I can't remember. I felt pretty bad for a few days but started feeling like my old self again soon. A good place for wigs is through your American Cancer Society. And it's free. Good luck and keep me posted.

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