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this online support page

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How does this help to support you? I have a friend that would benefit from this..what should I tell her?

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Hi, I read your post and just wanted to say, I did not know about this site while I was going through my chemo treatments etc. but I wish I had. I did have wonderful family and friends who supported me throughout my experience but in this site you/your friend will meet people who are going or have been through and are willing to listen to your thoughts and fears and share their own, it is helpful to know we are not alone, we encourage each other, pray for each other, cry for each other, and we celebrate our milestones together no matter how small. Tell you friend to log on and give it a try, I for one have met some wonderful people!! Murphy

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Hello Deb. Tell your friend that she will find nothing but friends here on the network. Many of us, myself included, have been through surgery, chemo, radiation. Some of us had severe reactions, some of us had none. We have had various treatments and experiences. It helps tremendously to talk. I, too, did not know about this site while I was going through my treatment. I got most of my information from my surgeon and from my radiation oncologist. My oncologist, who I saw the most, did not like to answer my questions. Since my treatment, I have talked to several of the ladies here and find that my questions were not unusual or ridiculous. They were genuine concerns that all of us have had at one time or another. Just knowing that someone else is just like you is such a relief. The cancer is mind-boggling enough. Tell her to talk to us. Jane

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