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Anyone Need a Wig.

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I was told to make sure I had a wig before starting chemo, so I went out and got myself a beauty. Hated it. Never wore it once. I felt like a had a dead cat on my head. Just my opinion. I have a great brunette, shoulder length, large cap, permed wig with no bangs, if anyone is interested. It is yours. I feel better wearing a ball cap and now have a drawer full of caps. I cannot stop buying them. It is kinda like shoes and purses, you can never have too many. All joking aside. I know how expensive wigs are. So.....let me know First come, first served.

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Hi,this is Tiger writing, you are right that wigs are expensive, especially to get one that does not LOOK like a wig,I have been wearing a ball cap since january or a bandana,I still have More chemo to go through so I probably wont have any sort of hair until the spring or early summer.I am seriously debating getting a wig,because I live in Northern Ontario,Canada and it is getting very cold on my poor little ears. It actually sounds perfect for me,let me know when you bought it,and how much you are asking for it. Thank you for your consideration in posting your message on site. Tiger.

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