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It has been almost three years since my cancer treatment, the cancer is still gone but the physical scaring in my throat has left it very difficult to eat and I feel broken so that I am sad and alone and do not know how to change these things. I have son at home with me, but my wife died five years ago from a complication of cancer. For health reasons I move south to Arkansas and as that goes it is the right thing but now there is no one I know, my pain and depression are on the rise again and I am to scared to even talk to new people because of what they will think or say after they know I am broken as I put it.

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No wonder you're upset; you live in Arkansas! (Just kidding, I'm from Memphis but I'm away from home taking care of Mom. She's Nancy, I'm Yvonne.)

Nobody wants to be anything but upbeat and positive, which is wonderful, except that sometimes things are really hard and it's okay to feel bad about that. You've been thru an ordeal and have moved to a new home also. That's a lot of hard stuff and STRESS! Seems, though, that your bad feelings are hanging around too long. Antidepressants can be prescribed that will help with the overwhelming nature of your feelings, but also you need to take your life back. Get out and meet people who share your interests and you'll feel better. Believe it or not, everybody is "broken" in some way, we just try really hard to cover it up.

Funny, me encouraging you right now as I'm having a particularly hard time with Mom's situation. I know that life will get easier, but right now I'm wallowing in 'poor me'. I'm guessing that your wallowing time has passed and you need to move on now. Does that seem right to you?

Good luck!

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Hang in there Shiloh, you have had a lot of changes in a short time. It is hard for you to see that things will get better with time, but they do. Have you tried contacting your local ACS office to see if they have a mentor or buddy program or support groups. I know it is hard to make yourself go but it is worth the effort. Please do give it a try.

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I know what you are going threw, believe me.
I have just had sugeory and feel depressed every day I wake up. Its a part of what we go threw to become better people for the future. I feel broken to now, and have lost my whole family to cancer and feel alone also. But if you look at the bigger picture you will see like me that there is a reason to live and the future will hold something special for all of us. This is why we survived. So remember today is a new day and smile for me and yourself.

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