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Catharsis for me

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Hey everybody. Tonight I gave my first talk to a group of women about breast cancer. I volunteer through the ACS by driving patients to their appointments. That is wonderful and I enjoy doing it. But, giving a talk to women, being able to answer their questions and maybe making a difference in just one life was a true catharsis for me. I feel better about myself and my self-esteem now than I have since before the cancer. I just had to share this, because I know a lot of you have been having the same problems, the same doubts about themselves as I have. THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!

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Jane, It's Nancy. How I do admire you!!! I also plan to do some volunteer work for Cancer. Every small thing we can do will make a difference. I know how desperate I felt the day I came home from my surgeon's visit and had been told I had cancer. That night I called the American Cancer Society and talked to an understanding, sympathetic, and very informative volunteer and after I hung up the phone, she had given me hope and courage. I hope to do that for someone. Keep up your good works. Your Friend, NancyS

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Hi Jane, I just wanted to share your joy and say hi. I know for myself how inspirational just reading some of your e-mails on this site, has been for me. I don't always jump in and respond but I surely keep reading what others like yourself have to say. And it has truly been my most supportive site. I'm sure your delighted (as you should be) but I thought I'd give insight as to how someone listening to you might also feel. And you have been very informative, supportive, compasionate and I'm glad your on my side. Keep up the good work cause as good as you feel about what you've shared, is as great as I feel about what I've learned from you. God Bless.
Your friend, vinnie

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