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Just found this site and am a cancer survivor myself and am doing great. Support is always welcome. I will have to figure out how to use my home page and connect with others in discussion. This is great.

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Hi there,
Just 3 weeks out of surgery and am doing fine. They got all the cancer and the lymph nodes are negative. Turned out that they took out my whole stomach and only the distal part of the esophagus instead of the whole esphagus. Anyway, am still tired but grateful about the results. Tell me about you. Trish

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MY friend had her stomach removed 7 years ago and now she has esophageal cancer. Can you help in any way by telling me what she is in for? Please help MK

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I am a laryngectomee, are you? I just found this site and I think it is great to, where would we be without support? That is what helped me the most.
Good luck to you.

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In Nov 2000 I was all well.
Became Lary in April 2001
And now Survivor
Speak through Electro Larynx Instrument.
Member of www.webwhishpers.org, www.larynxlink.com
In contact with many Lary's from USA and world over
At Karachi assist New/Old Larys for Rehabilitation and information for having normal Life.
Noor Ali (Lary of 2001)

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