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Sorry for the mix-up

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Hi everyone. I want to apologize to any of you who might have tried to log on to Oncology.com Tues. night to chat. I'm the one who suggested the idea, and I couldn't even make it! Actually, in the midst of dealing with my serious health problems, my husband and I are in the process of building a house (with our own bare hands I might add!). Tues. evening we had to have a spur of the moment meeting with our kitchen cabinet maker. Sorry about the goof. Why don't we just come up with a nightly chat schedule? Since we all have different schedules, let's pick several days and times, and whoever happens to be available can check in to chat. I'll suggest Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8:00. Let me know any other days/times and we'll let everyone know. See Ya!

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Hi Jackie, Great idea. I am on CST and I think you are on EST, so I will get there at 7:00 my time on Tuesday and Thursday. Type to you then, Nancy

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hi Nancy! It's maggie, hope you are doing fine. I have been on the onocology network to chat with you all. I didn't find none of you. It is now 7:54 central daylight time here, I may be off on the time zones. I will keep trying . On that network, I will be under margarita. take care, maggie

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i'm on pacific time, but i'm going to hang around oncology.com tuesor thurs around 6pm to see if any of you there

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Sounds good to me

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