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MIA parachute

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This is my first posting. I'm thankful to include CSN within my support system and learn from people who are armed with courage and generous spirit.

I was diagnosed at 34 with Stage III invasive breast cancer. I underwent a lumpectomy, lymph node sampling surgery, 12 cycles of Adriamycin, 3 months of radiation, 8 cycles of CMF and 3 consecutive surgeries to remove scar tissue.

At 35 I had an FSH test which confirmed I was in menopause. The cancer was estrogen negative so Tamoxifen and Taxol were not an option for me. I was ordered to stop eating soy and ginseng products because they were estrogen stimulants.

I recently passed the 5 year cancer free mark and continue to feel like I was pushed from an airplane with no parachute. If you were diagnosed with a hormone dependent cancer, I would really appreciate your input on how you live as a survivor minus the shields of Tamoxifen, Taxol, etc. Thank you for your time.

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Hi supernice:
I'm sorry to hear you went thru so much at such a young age, but you sound like the worst is behind you. I haven't even started Chemo yet, but I hope I go thru it with little side effects. Five years clean, that's terrific. Good for you. I'm gathering alot of info from different sites. Trying to find out about anything that would help get us thru this with little pain. I found a site you may be interesed in, it was Oncology.com, in the Alternative discussion group (27 messages) as of Sunday night but they discuss herbs and vitamins have kept them C free. The one that interested me most was
Selenium, Vitamin E & A, and Beta Carotin. If your interested just surf the site. It's great reading and hopefully you'll find something that will give you some peace of mind and another five years of a clean slate. God Bless

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