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Documentary on Overian Cancer

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My name is Kerry and I am a graduate student from Boston currently working
on a degree in Philanthropy and Media. For my thesis project, I am working on
a documentary profiling a newly formed ovarian cancer support group here in
Boston nicknamed OCEAN. The goals of OCEAN are: to provide support for
families and survivors, promote early detection of ovarian cancer, and help raise
funding and awareness for ovarian cancer research. This project means so
much to me and this special group of people. My greatest hope is that this
documentary will address the struggles of coping with ovarian cancer with truth
and compassion.

Here is where I could use your help. Over the course of the next few weeks I
will be interviewing patients, survivors, family members and doctors on a variety
of topics that deal with ovarian cancer. I want to make sure that I am
addressing topics that are important to survivors and am looking to this
community for help in the development of my questions.

Are there any areas or topics relating to ovarian cancer that you feel should be
explored? Can you provide me with any insight into the daily struggles of
dealing with this disease? Any help or information would be sincerely
appreciated. You can either post your responses here or email me at

Please feel free to drop me a line if you would like more information on my
project or would like to contact a member of OCEAN.

Thank you for your help and God bless,

Kerry K.

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Hi there - I was diagnosed ovarian cancer in april 1999. Every possible step was taken and my doctors did everything to help. First the chirurg did his work and afterwords a very aggressive chemotheraphie. It was hell going through the chemotherapie and at the other hand I had to do this. I have controle sessions every two months - and so far everything is fine.
But I can tell you that living was cancer is quite difficult some times. At the moment I am very depressed - I cannot believe that I did really survive. Does the cancer come back? No response possible.
So I do think that your project on overian cancer is something very good. Thanks.

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