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I am looking for others with adenocarcinoma in the lung(s). Mine has spread to my brain, and I just had a tumor removed Aug 1. The tumor in my lung will be treated with chemo at the end of this month. I am currently undergoing radiation for 5-1/2 weeks to my brain. Having a hard time dealing with the poor survivor rate for this, as well as physical changes in my appearance like hair loss. Am praying hard, but would like to hear from people who have been there and understand how I feel better than my family & friends who say "you look fine and you are not going to die."

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Hey! On Jan. 5, 2000 I was diagnosed with lung cancer, which had spread to the brain. I had one very small spot on my right lung, and two real small spots on the right side of my brain.

I started chemo treatments the day I found out about the brain tumors. After talking with the radiologist, we decided to try Sterotactic surgery on the brain tumors. That way I would also be able to start having radiation on my lung, instead of waiting six weeks.

In April we had new scans done to see if the treatments were working or not. They could not find any live cancer cells any where, just scar tissue from the tumors. I was very surprised to hear that. In some ways I think I was to scared to believe such good news, but I had another new series done in August, and they also came back clear. The only difference was the scar tissure was was getting smaller.. Yea!!

Stay positive (try not to listen to statistics), and do not let people get you down. Believe in yourself, listen to your body. Cancer dosen't have to be all bad. I have had some wonderful experiences since I was diagnosed with cancer.

Good luck, loulou

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No need to re-send your story, loulou! Just found it by checking out all the messages in the discussion area. You have quite a story to tell, and a strong conviction to support it! Thanks for sharing -- your encouragement is invaluable to others as the forge their path! Hugs! yakimom

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My best friend was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in June 2000. His cancer is in the lung with metastasis to the liver. So far no signs of brain metastasis. He is taking grapeseed extract anf pycnogenol to boost his immune system and it seems to be working. His blood work has been better since initiation of the chemo than it was before treatment. The lung scan is almost normal and the liver scan shows some areas have disappeared and others are shrinking. He is a very heavy smoker and unable to quit. My husband also had cancer- non-hodgkins lymphoma. He tried the pycnogenol and grape seed extract after reoccurence of the cancer two years after bone marrow transplant. The cancer went back into remission and the doctors are unsure why. One thing that is true about pycnogenol and grape seed extract is that it boosts the immune system and anybody who has fought cancer knows you need a strong immune system to survive. If anyone is interested in these two products look them up on the internet or I will tell you anything else I have discovered using them. Also it makes sense to drink lots of water because it is natures best purifier and cleanser. Hope this message helps someone. The very best to all of you.

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about 2 months ago my dad was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer on his upper right lobe....he did 18 sessions of radiation and it didn't help him, actually his tumor grew bigger. I'm 23 years old and not ready to lose him to cancer. Please tell me how you fought your cancer, what did you do? I have him on a fermented soy product called HAELAN. I'm so desperate because the doctors don't give him a good prognoses....they said a year if he's lucky....I just lost both my grandparents to cancer 3 years ago and i haven't even got over that yet, and now i'm faced with this. I will do ANYTHING to help him....it would mean a lot if you could get back to me. thanks for your time.....god bless u.

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Doctor's are only guessing with things like this. Don't ever give up hope. Make every day count. You will be amazed at how much easier it makes everything. Don't just dwell on the time they say he has got left.

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ronib my grandfather that adopted me has lung cancer they say that his is at a stage 3 at least it might be in a stage 4. i am only 15. i lost my grandmother (law-grandfatthers mom)dies in 2002 form cancer of the brain i went into depression when i lost her and now i am going into a biger state of depression. i know how you feel by not wanting to let him go i do not want to let him go either.. i would realy like to talk with you more my e-mail is vanessagill141@yahoo.com i do not know what the name/ kind of lung cancer he has..

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i have the non small cell lung stage 4 for one year. i went waterskiing last week. i lost my hair from cisplaten and spent 4 mo at mda in houston. been off chemo for 6 mo and went on iressa 3 weeks ago. my mom had similar brain and lung cancer and lived 20 years with the problem. my dr's say i am fine and look great. i know this as they make me sick. we all die so whats new. my plan is to live every day i am given. HE knows when i will stop. my job is to make each day as good as possible 1st for me and then for others if i can. notice how giving is the greatest gift you can give to others? the gift is not money but love and careing. i am very lucky that every day i get stronger that i can share this with my friends so that they start to give to the children and other family members. why just last week my friend had a whole house full of kids who went boating and swmming for 3 days. next month we will go and show my sister how she can give to her sons and the grand kids. giving is a skill that has to be learned. it is best when the 2 parties find what one can do and what the reciver needs. this is often a hug or spending 3 hours with them. our best gift is time and i know how valuable that is now. i have no time for depression as i am very busy on today. i was very concerned that the chemo was going to rob me of to many days but it has much better after i started having good days that i could get out of bed. the survivor rate is not good but that just means my days to give are very important and not the casual indeferance i had yesterday. i hope this short note helps

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Hi, I have not exactly been in your shoes but I did have Adenocarcinoma in my left lung, in 1987. They just removed the upper 1/2 of my lung and I didn't have any treatment. They apparently got it all with the surgery. I was given a 13%chance to live, and live I have. I would be the last one to tell you that you are not gonna die, because you and I both know that anytime you have cancer anywhere you face death, but I will tell you that no Dr. knows when you are gonna die,so don't let them tell you, that you have a certain amount of time to live. I can tell you that prayer really does work and keeping a positive attitude don't hurt either. I know that is real hard to do when you are in the misery that you are in ,what with the surgery and the chemo that you are facing.
I also had large cell carcinoma in the upper part of my right lung 3 1/2 yrs later. Again they gave me no treatment, and again I survived and have been clean since 1991. So you see it can be done. I do try to live my life like there will be no tomorrow (with in reason of course)I laugh a lot and don't take things quite so serously as I used to.
I would love to hear from you to see how you are progressing.
Betty Jones jodnns@aol.com

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hello about 2 yrs ago i found a 5mm nodule on my lower right lobe i asked my doctor about it who referred me to pulmonologist i had ct scans about every 6 months it was growing very slowly so the doctor just kept watching finally when it got to 1.3cm he said wait 3 more months didn't think it was necessary to do biopsy at that point i just had a feeling so i got a 2nd opinion i had a PET Scan done showed no activity {cancer}but since it was growing he referred me to cleveland clinic who first thought it was a carcinoid tumor wanted to remove it My surgery was MAY 29th 2014 after he got in there it was cancer  adenocarcinoma luckily it was stage 1 and hadnt spread outside the lung but did remove 40% of my right lung he said he was really surprised it was cancerous i see alot of people saying it went to their brain how did they know were there syptoms or just more test i'm having so much anxiety lately even tho it hasn't been 2 months yet i'm not sure if what i'm feeling is normal part of my recovery or something wrong doctors seem to brush me off or so i feel

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I know how you feel - I have adenocarcinoma which has spread to my liver, bones, chest area. It is hard to live one day at a time, however, that is all any of us have. I have discovered that God is still a good God, and he gives me peace thru this not very peaceful time. My 2nd round of chemo did not work, and now I am off to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN on June 1st. Wondering how you are feeling and hope this finds you on a good day. I quess having a day is a good day, but I do hope you are doing better. Please let me know. toyehouse@yahoo.com Love, Kathy

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I have stage 4 lung cancer and a brain tumor. I have known cence April of last year. I was on kemo but I am now on infushion of Avastin. My hair is coming back . This is a very bad disease and the survival rate sucks. I am one that wants to know the facts. I am not worried about the survival rate. We kind of have a time frame. I say, make the most of it

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