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Hi, my name is Lee. I'm new here and not quite familiar with this forum. I use Craftyone as my nickname here. I have just finished chemo treatments for breast cancer. I've had a mastectomy and lymphnode dissection. Lymph nodes were positive. Would like to talk with other women who've been through this.

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Dear Craftyone, Mcgruff here! I use to take a bite out of crime now I take a bite out of cancer. Glad to hear that you are through with chemo. Hope it was not difficult. As a new member myself (less than one hour now) I've just felt better writing all night. I too am scheduled for a mastectomy and lymphnode biopsy. Who know what news all this will bring. Did you have reconstructive surgery immediatley following? That is what I am considering right now. Flap or implant? Implant or flap? I'm a candidate for either. Wish it had of been easier and I wasn't okay for either that would have been one decision less to deal with. Continue with all the hard work and good vibes you must have had to accomplish all you have. We'll continue to write. Mcgruf

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Hi Lee/Craftyone...I'm Martha/Murphy. I am also new to this site but a little less new to cancer, I have been done with chemo since Jan. I have regained my strength over the months and I am enjoying life to the fullest. Remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you all the best. I would be happy for any e mail if you want to keep in touch. Stay active. Martha

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Hi Murphy, I was re-reading all the posts tonight and saw you there. You are new to this discussion group but not new to cancer. Hearing from someone who has been there and back is so encouraging. I am just getting started in my CURE. Setting up the surgery to check the lymph nodes this week. I am pretty sure I will use the sentinel node biopsy. I still have to talk to the surgeon who does the sentinel procedure. My surgeon does not do it but his associate does and has been trained in the protocal. What kind of breast cancer did you have and what chemo drugs were used? How did you react to the chemo? Just tell me all.....Your new friend, Nancys

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Hi Nancy, I read your message on the discussion page, I responded with the e mail. I must say it will take some time for me to get the hang of this discussion forum. Hope you find the e mail. Murphy.

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