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Breast cancer chat

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I am wondering if the rash that I have on my stomach and back can be from the drug Tamoxifen. Does anyone else have this problem?

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I have been on tamoxifien for 9 months now and have not had a rash yet.

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I've been on Femara/letrozole for almost 3 yrs - no rashes. Is it a painful rash? It's not unusual to develope Shingles after chemo/surgery/rads. There are many possibilities so check with your Drs.

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Rague, this post is 12 years old so I don't know if any of the posters are still around. :(

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I was wonderfing if anyone has taken Tamoxifen and developed other cancers? If so, have the other cancers shown up in places other than therepro ductive organs (such as kidneys, etc)? Does anyone know of anyone that got blood clots from taking it? Thanks. Want more information.

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My doc told me that there is a chance of clots with Tomoxifen but it is low.

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