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3D Conformal Radiation Therapy

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I am 61 years old, PSA 7 and Gleason of 6.

One of the options I am considering is 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy. Has anybody had this procedure ?
I live in Seattle and I think the UofW medical center does this procedure.

Please give me your advise.....


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I am 71, dx March 99 PSA 12 Gleason 4+3 or 3+3 depending on pathologist. History of elevated PSA since 91, with three previous negative biopsies. Biopsy in 1994 was borderline.

I chose 3D conformal because I dreaded surgery -- wanted to avoid low-probability, but non-zero probability of death or serious adverse effects of surgery. Had previous horrible experience with reaction to anesthesia during major surgery.

Found side effects modest: increased fatigue, greater need for sleep, some mild peri-anal soreness and irritation. As a precaution, had internal hemmorhoids tied off before starting radiation.
I was very good about bathing/soaking daily, blow-drying affected area, using special soap and special soothing (oatmeal) bath suspension, discarding underclothing and going naked below the waist as much of the time as possible.
I was able to work almost full-time all through the radiation. My job is high stress, and demands long hours.

To decide.what treatment to choose, I consulted a number of authorities. I was particularly impressed with the research institute directed by Stephen Strum, and by the radiologist Anthony d'Amico (Boston). Was also impressed by the diagnostic work-up by Dr. Kantoff (Boston).

Am now 11 weeks post-radiation. Energy appreciably better, but not fully recovered. Hard to distinguish side-effects of radiation from those of androgen ablation, which in my case were considerably more unpleasant.

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I just finished 8wks of radiation and 16 months of lupron/casodex.......the last lupron shot was 4 months ago and should be wearing off now. The radiation finished 2 months ago.....
BOY the fatigue is still really bad....I can work part time (which I've been doing for a year now) but not much energy for exersize etc. Wondering how long it took to get your energy back after your radiation treatment.
Thanks much (diagnosed 9/13/01 psa 71 gleason 4+3 T2b stage)
please reply directly to my address. Thanks

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Hi--I could not tell from your note what you chose as your initial treatment for PCa. And it seems that you had a recurrence, right? How long was it, between your initial treatment and biochemical recurrence? I was a Gleason 9 until RRP surgery, and then the surgeon at Johns Hopkins decided I was Gleason 7 (4+3), which I why I am interested in hearing about the course of your disease and treatment. What are your doctors offering you today, as a prognosis? My surgeon at Hopkins (not one of their "star" surgeons) offer me nothing but advice to "go home and enjoy every day." That's easy to say, but hard to do, given how little they are telling me about my possibilities for the future. I know they cannot accurately predict how long I'll live, but a little educated guesswork would help me, even if it were wrong. As it is, I know the 7 (4+3) is now considered "high risk," but the physicians just seem to think that "have a good day" covers my anxiety.

Best wishes to you,

Dennis J.

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Please check at Northwest hospital there and ask for referral to Dr. Ragde and or his associates which do seed implants and conformal radiation.

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