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Group or Individual Support at Home

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Does anyone know of any programs that offer a drop-in support group or someone who will visit a patient in their home? My mom doesn't usually have the energy to get out of the house on a regular basis but could benefit from talking to others living with cancer or a therapist--any suggestions?

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Yes, there is a group called "Y Me" I believe that is correct. They visited me (breast cancer) at home. Her oncologist should have information about this and others. Good luck!


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You can also contact your local American Cancer Society or call their toll free number
1-800-ACS-2345 for a local resource that may be helpful to your family member. The ACS also has a Cancer Survivor Support Network, this is a program that connects your family member to a survivor of the same type of cancer. This individual is able to offer support to your family member via phone or face to face contact. Look into that also!

The American Cancer Society is very helpful in finding you the appropriate local resources. Try it! :)

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My husband and I do in home visits to anyone that calls from our area, maybe your cancer society has a list of people who do in home visits, if they don't then you could get involved with them and advertise for people to do this type volunteer work, we have met a lot of wonderful people this way, and it is rewarding work.

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Boy do I know that feeling. If anyone can anyone can answer this question contact me. I was finished with chemo/rad. over a year ago, tried to go back to work and almost had a breakdown. Am now seeing a psychiatrist who has me on Prozac/Buspar. Rarely go myself from lack of energy.

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