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eight months out

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I am eight months out, and have finished treatment. When will I quit worrying about a recurrence?

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It is hard to guess when you will stop worrying, but I don't really worry and it has been 3 years since my diagnosis. I have had so many bone scans, MRI's, etc. that I am sure I don't have a tumor, and I doubt that I will get one in the foreseeable future. What would make you stop worrying? Would more tests? Would a better understanding of your chances of recurrence? How about coming up with some questions like that and making an appointment with your oncologist just to ask those questions? You don't have to wait for a scheduled checkup you know.



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I am 12 years out and I can say you will stop. I thought in the beginning that I would never stop thinking of breast cancer every day--but then I did. As time passes, you will become more comfortable and not have it permeate every thought you have. That's not to say that when I go for a mammogram that I don't have anxiety. I do and that is natural. It will get better.

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My last chemo was Sep 5 of last year and I don't think a day goes by that I don't still think about it also. I see my oncholigist every two months because I am estregen negative and can't take tamoxafin. However, I am hitting my year mark of my last treatment and feel that with every passing day, I am one more day closer of releasing some of that axiety.

I've gotten into other things like school and claimed my life back which has helped. To me having cancer is something that happened and I can let it control me or I can say NO you will not control me, I will control my life. It's been hard and I've also gotten into counceling and my counselor is also a breast cancer survivior, which has also helped me.

Good luck on your journey and know we are fighters and survivors!!!!!!!

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