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Hodgkin's Disease

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I am a childhood survivor of Hodgkin's Disease. I am willing to share any insight I may have to parents or diagnosed individuals of this cancer.

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I would loe to hear what you have to say. Even though my 6 yr old has Non-Hodgkins, in alot of ways they are the same. It would be helpful to know what to expect later on.


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My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease a year ago this month. She is doing well, but I will forever be scared! What can you share with me?

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As a Hodgkin's Disease survivor, the best advice I can give you and your daughter is DON'T EVER GIVE UP. Since a year's gone by, I'm assuming that she's through the chemo and/or radiation treatments (betcha she's happy about that!) and is currently in remission... is that correct? If so, please keep in mind that your doctors can literally work miracles with this form of cancer. The treatments are aimed toward curing the disease, rather than "holding it off." And given the success rate of curation, we're talking about some veeery encouraging results, kiddo. So the first thing I want you to do is to remember -- with every new day the two of you see -- that the odds land highly in your favor. So DON'T GIVE UP HOPE. This disease just isn't worth it. I know it's hard (been there, done that, have the chemo track marks and radiation tattoos to prove it) but you've got to face your daughter's recovery with the same determination that got you through the treatment itself. You'll pull through just fine. Bet on it!

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