Modified Citrus Pectin

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I stumbled across this the other day, from the ACS website:
It says that MCP "...studies appear to show that MCP makes it difficult for cancer cells that break off from the main tumor to join together and grow in other organs." In other words, it prevents the formation of metastases. Not a cure, but certainly a useful treatment for advanced prostate cancer, if it works.

Metastases have to start before they can grow, and breaking the chain of cancer development at that point requires a very small effect in terms of the number of cells that need to be stopped or killed. It is much easier to stop a metastasis when it is just one or a few cells than after it has grown to billions of cells.

Is anyone here using MCP?


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    Modified Citrus Pectin
    I was going to start a thread on MCP to see who is taking it,but thought I would revive this thread.I have done some reading on MCP and started taking it about a month ago.1 teaspoon with water and some pomegranite juice for flavor 3 times a day.I get busy with life and dont do this religiously,but pretty much get at least 1 dose a day.Many of the recent studies show promise in preventing PC spread,yet I also saw a video clip recently by Dr.Snuffy Meyers and he pretty much discounted it. This might be an old clip so im not sure what his take on it is currently.It seems to me that the more you research the more conflicting opinions you get....So who else out there is currently taking modified citrus pectin and what are your thoughts on it. Thanks Wardy
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    Modified fruit pectin
    I spoke with a research scientist involved in the study of pectin. He stated that results were promising in mouse studies, but did not carry over into human trials.