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Nana b
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Can't believe any pharmacist could do this!! Diltued chemo medication for so many patients! Affected over 2,000 patients, he is now serving 30 years in Missouri prison. This all happened in St Louis a few years back.

Just wanted to get this posted, going to bed. Those poor families!


  • PamPam2
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    What a !##%!!
    All I can say is what a sociopathic scumbag. It should be 30 years times the 2000 people he affected.
  • HollyID
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    It really takes a lot for me to cry...
    But this was a topper.

    Working in health care, I've seen pharmacists that steal from the pharmacy without patient involvement -- I've seen nurses that steal drugs without patient involvement. I even turned one in that I suspected. She eventually lost her license.

    Only one other time in my career, do I know of a nurse who stole medicine and as a result, her patient died as a result of her addiction. She was prosecuted. I NEVER want to witness another case like this and it's sad that there are people out there that put money before people. Especially those whom we depend on and trust to help us when we're at our lowest.

    This sounds very crass but, there is a special place in hell for people like these.