Not sure what to do

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Not sure where or what to do anymore, Jack has been on hold now for over a month on his treatment, I don;t understand why they are not using conventional drugs, they keep gasping at these trial study, which has som many rules and regulations, Jack gets kicked back, It has been one thing after another to prevent him from starting treatment again which means the cancer is spreading right, first it was the blood transfusion 2 in 3 weeks, then the tumor was blocking his airway and had to have an emergency trachea, now we were ready to start another study and his port got infected, How is jack suppose to start treatment if everything happens, And we are also debating about getting a 2nd option , I understand the center he goes to is a research clinic, but why can't we find a treatment for him, how do I ge Jack health enough to get some treatment, I am at a lost , Im doing everything I can to make him feel better, Im getting into a deep depression, because I just don;t know how to help him, any one have any suggestions on what I should do to help Jack


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    That stinks

    Sorry to hear about the latest twist in your journey. I hope that you know how lucky Jack is to have you there for him. Sometimes things seem overwhelming.....I pray that there are some rays of sunshine soon.

    I know what I put my wife through when I was going through my treatments. Please take the breaks that you need and know that Jack's swings are not because of is the monster that he is fighting (cancer), and the frustration with trying to cope with doctors and treatments and confusing info.

    Just know that there are a lot of people pulling for you.