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My father has had a prostectomy, the PSA still slightly elevated within 6 weeks. Then radiation, and PSA around 2. It has gone from 2 - 4., then 4.- 7. within each 6 weeks thereafter. With a 7.1 PSA now, it is evidently a very agressive cancer. At this time, there are no symptoms, but according to what we've studied, there is cancer lurking, and increasing - which will eventually have symptoms in bones, etc.
Does anyone have input on this stage. There is a lot of discussion about the benefit of beginning Lupron, or castration at this point - if it should be started immediately, or wait. The quality of life, is the issue here, it seems. I am seeking as much information about this controvsery, as possible. So many Drs. want to begin right away - and some of the leading Drs. in this field say wait until PSA is higher and there are symptoms. I find the range of views very difficult to understand and would welcome any ideas or sources of information you would suggest.
Marcia (daughter of survivor)


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    Marcia, depending on your fathers age, expectations etc.. are all major factors.
    Hormone treatment (AS WILL ANY TREATMENT)have an effect on what we normally think of our normal life.

    It is my understanding that hormone therapy does several things:
    1. it removes the male hormone which feeds prostate cancer cells.
    2. it actually helps in reducing / killing some of the cancer cells (it can not get them all I was told)
    3. it makes the cancer cells left more vulnurable to radiation treatment.

    I made my treatment call based upon two major considerations.
    1. which treatment would give me the highest chance of cure
    2. which treatment that meets #1 would have the least inpact on my "quality of life".

    after considering all of this I determined that without #1, #2 was meaningless. I went with the chosen treatment and now have a normal "quality of life" which I am adjusting to.

    At 56, I still hope to have many years and as I get older learn that quality of life issues and importance change and bend along the way due to things within and without of my control.

    Hormone therapy would be the least invasive and would hopefully prepare the cancer for further treatment (radiaiton) later? Check it out with your doctors however, there are quality of life changes and some men have problems dealing with them on hormone therapy.
    Give me an email back if your dad would like to have my experiences on hormones. I had radiated seed implants Jan 9th, 2002 and hormone therapy 3 months before and after.

    Good luck
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    I am so sorry to read about your father's current health status. MY prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
    God Bless,
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    Agressive Cancer
    Dear Marcia,

    It is sad to see ones father suffering, and I am in the same boat as you. My father was diagnosed when his prostrate cancer had far gone beyong cure. Stage four with PSA 200. The bone mets had reached his backbone and a huge mass in his colonosigmoid region. We went through hell. For the cancer it is probably good to have a gleason score through biopsy. If you dont know what that is, please ask your urologist to take biopsy of the effected area and then the histopath results will determine his gleason score. As far as I know gleason score 1-5 is low and moderate 6 is moderate and beyond that is agressive cancer. After you know that, consult a good oncologist for treatment. Marcia please do it before its too late. This darn desease gets out of hands in agressive cancer cases. It can reach the other parts of body, LIver, Lungs, Bones very quickly. Neither am I a doctor nor do I mean to scare you. But safety is better than cure. I hope he wriggles out of it soon. Sincere prayers.