Buying chemo meds from Canada

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My mom has stage 4 colon cancer mets liver.  Been on different chemo meds and now trying Afinitor since we can't use the previous chemo that was used.
Afinitor was FDA approved for breast cancer only.  Oncologist says it targets similar tumor markers so trying it out.  

Our insurance won't cover it because it's not FDA approved for colon cancer.  We've been using those physician samples that pharma-reps give to hospitals.  

But we're starting to use it steadily.  Oncologist suggest we get generics in Canada.  Will cost average $300 per pill instead of the $2K per pill in this great greedy corporate country.

So does anyone have experience in getting meds in Canada?  Do we actually have to be physically there to get it?  Or can we order it online and get it shipped?


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    I honestly don’t know

    I remember reading an article where there are monthly bus trips to Canada and Mexico for people to get insulin. Since that’s  over 300 here and only 30.00 there. So I am guessing since they go trips in to get it you must have to get it physically but I don’t know. It’s ridiculous isn’t? I am sorry you have to do this.

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    So sorry that you are faced with this! My hubby just was approved for his chemo pills it's $18,000 a month here only $6,200 a month in Canada. WHAT A DISGRACE. There are a host of Canadian Pharmacies online. Just not sure what the laws would be if it gets stopped in the mail though. It's not a controlled substance so I don't see federal laws comming down hard on this but I am not sure. 

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    Canada RX

    My husband was briefly on medication that cost over $1000 (with insurance). We got it from Canada instead. Just check to make sure its a certified pharmacy. I spoke with another doc (my mom's cardiologist who happens to have had colon CA). He said whenever a patient asks for a hard copy of a RX (written Rx), he just assumes they are getting it from outside the U.S. You do need a written Rx, just ask your doc, mine did not ask any questions.