Mom's 3 month Scan and Recovery Questions

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Hello Everyone, 

I posted a while back about my Mom's journey. She is currently 3 months out and doing okay. She got her first pet scan this week and the results came back positive, still some inflammation from the radiation but her original laryngeal cancner (T3N1M0 HPV+) is gone as well as the lymph node that was affected. However, she is still having severe throat and ear pain. She was checked by the ENT and he said that everything looked good. But, her pain is so bad that she can't even get water down. She's lost close to 40 pounds. I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on managing throat pain at 3 months post radiation and chemo? She's been trying the magic mouthwash and that hasn't helped a whole lot. I was also wondering if its normal for her ENT to want to see her once every month for the next year? Thanks so much for any and all suggestions. 


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    The only question I can answer

    is about the ENT.  My ENT saw me every month for the first year, so I don't think that's unusual.  I liked it that way.  He told me if I had a recurrence he'd see it before a scan would....I trusted that.  I had on and off earaches for the first 3 years....they didn't last long...once maybe two days, but that was it.  Her throat has a lot more healing to do, I imagine.  What is she eating now?  Today....even almost 5 years out, if I eat Wheat Thins or something, it feels like I have strep throat the next day.  If she's eating any meat, that can rough up the throat, as well as anything with acid....


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    Getting through treatments can feel like half the battle, recovery has its own issues.  I am sorry the magic mouth wash is not working.  The vintage I used was great for mouth, throat and tongue discomfort.  That is the luck of the draw.  You might see if your rad doctor can prescribe a different formula for the magic mouth wash (there are others).While it is hard, try to stay hydrated and keep your nourishment up.  She should break through to the other side soon.

    I think the close observation on your Mom is great, more of us should have had a closer look.  To top that her 3 month scan was NED, congratulations,

    Recovery can be long, painful and unpredictable, but generally it does get much better.


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    Thank you both so much for

    Thank you both so much for all of your help. Her temperature actually spiked this morning and we rushed her to the ER. It turns out she has strep, pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. That all explains why her throat has been unusually bad as well as why her breathing has been a bit more labored. We are relieved to know that her symptoms aren't cancer related, it's really hard to distinguish what is strep and what is just general radiation side effects. Thank you both again!

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    Great news

    Yes, I see my ENT every 6 weeks since the start of treatment and I have completed treatment 6 months ago. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

    Wishing your MOM a speedy recovery.