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I do not work because of Cancer side effects. I had stage 4 sqamus cell carcinoma with 7/8 of my tongue removed and a secondary in my neck. I had a double neck dissection with cancer in my neck. I had 6 surgerys along with Cisplatin and radiation.

Something my doctor thinks Cisplatin makes my joints hurt so bad i take 90mg of morphine a day and up to 60 mg of oxycodone a day. I go monthly and get shots at different places it just depends on what is hurting the most as to where i get a shot at.

About 1 month ago i was rubbing my left side it had been hurting for about 2 weeks and i rubbed across my solar plex and i had a golf ball size+ knot there. So i called my doctor and she saw me that day. She did an xray and nothing showed up.

The next day i had a ct scan and they found a 5mm nodule on my right middle lung. The knot on my solar plex did not show up on my ct scan. My doctor gave me an atibotic and told me she would do another ct scan next month.

Well the next Monday my doctors nurse called and asked how i was feeling and i told her my left side still hurts really bad. Pain meds just help a little. That the lump was a little bigger. Later that day the nurse called me and told me i have a bone scan scheduled for Wednseday.

I hope we can figure out what is going on with my left ribs hurting. The pain feels like it is under my ribs. The knot on my solar plex is smalleeer but it is 2 times harder than it was.

What can i expect with a bone scan and what could be in my solar plex and not show up on an x-ray or a ct scan?

Thanks David



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    There is only one way to

    There is only one way to answer your question: with the recommended imaging. We all seem to assume the worst outcome but there could be many causes of your symptoms that are benign. For the bone scan, they inject a "dye" in your vein, wait 30 minutes and then do a scan.. Not a big deal. Try to relax.... No, it's not easy but give them time to finish the tests and then come back to update. Bill