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There are some positive testimonies about Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) on this Forum, but little info about clinical studies, especially ones comparing PBT to more established external beam therapies. So I went looking and found the following, easy to read, paper:

I thought this report presents a pretty balanced picture of where we are with respect to this 'new' technology. Actually, it isn't that new; the Loma Linda facility opened in 1990.

Also note that there is now an Intensity Modulated form of this therapy (IMPBT). Just to make comparisons more difficult.

And to allow more papers to be written.Smile


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    6 years ago (PBT)

    I went to one of the Proton places located in Dallas in 2009. Everybody acted like this was the greatest. Now six years later, it's like Napalm, Agent Orange. Nothing will grow, everything is dead or dying. Proton or just regular radiation, it still effect the area it hits. Yes if the cancer is located or in the area, it has a good chance to work.