Vacation before surgery

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My mom wants to go to Hawaii before surgery (if she's a candidate). She's scared she'll die from complications. She really afraid of surgery. Does anyone have any thoughts if this is a bad idea? We would need to do it 2 weeks after her last radiation session or go the 2 weeks right before surgery. Just concerned about any additional testing doctors may need, vacation wearing her body down, etc.


  • Bobs1wife
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    Vacation- YES!
    If she wants a vacation and feels well enough-go for it! It is good medicine! She will probably be feel better than she has in a long time just a couple of weeks after finishing up treatment and before surgery. I have read of many on this site taking a vacation before surgery. We did it and it was such a nice break from the treatment routine that we had become so used to. Linda
  • chemosmoker
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    Hawaii HERE YOU COME!!!!

    Linda is right.

    If Mom is well enough then you simply must live it up. No harm and what it will do for her self-confidence and peace of mind is priceless.

    Have a blast and send us ALL pictures. Just make sure you have plenty of meds and contact info for doctors and facilities there, as well as a 'doctor letter' stating her condition or prognosis, or anything you could need while away if complication DO arise. They won't but you gotta plan ahead. It IS mom! And DON'T discount what people will do to go out of their way to help make it a very special and affordable trip when they KNOW who the trip is for, what her prognosis is with cancer; they will move mountains to help! I would.

    I am so happy for you and her. What a great chance to BOND in 86 degree weather!! It is SO beautiful there, anytime of year, 24/7!!

    God bless.