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My friend Mark has had one treatment with IV drugs Oxy. and Avastin and is on his fourth day of Xeloda. On the second day he was already having jaw problems - severe pain opening mouth. I've read about this annoying side effect but am surprised it came on so soon. He has about six more months of treatment. Has anyone experienced this and does it go away? I read on "nodawgs" site about his major jaw problems and his eventual dental surgery caused by many chemo drugs.

For some uplifting and incredible reading, I would recommend doing a search for "nodawgs" on this site. His main page is lengthy and great reading. He also has several stories of his cross country adventures on his Harley. He has had two major cancers and a tremendous fight. His writing is superb and will cheer up anyone that is down. I printed out his story for Mark to read and I saw his demeanor visibly chance within minutes. Nodawgs is a tough guy and a gifted writer to boot.


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    My dad is currently on oxy and during his chemo week he has problems with his jaw similiar to what you are describing. I talked to his onc about this and he said that it is a side effect of oxy. He told me that my dad can take a calcium supplement or a "tums" to help relieve the pain. My dad says that on his off weeks from chemo, he doesn't have the problems with his jaw as much. Hope this helps,

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    Hi musiclover- I have had 6 cycles of oxaliplatin and Xeloda. I found that eating warm foods for the couple of jaw pain days helped.In my case the pain only lasted for a few bites and only for about 2-3 days. Also, the jaw pain only lasted for about the first 4 sessions. The last 2 I had very little jaw pain. Hopefully it will be the same for your friend Mark. Have him try the warm food- Good Luck
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    Kathryn -

    Another uplifting read is "Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul". It's full of positive anecdotes.

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    Hi Kathryn -

    The "jaw problems" I had from oxaliplatin were what I call the "first bite" pain. The first few bites of any food caused a somewhat painful, mostly very wierd jaw sensation. This started by the second day but only lasted a few days. It and the cold sensitivity thing seemed tied together and were most noticeable during the first week. (I was on a 3-week cycle which I assume Mark is on given that he is taking Xeloda?)

    Did they give Mark calcium and magnesium IV prior to the oxaliplatin? That is fairly standard and is supposed to help with the neuropathy (of which jaw pain and cold sensitivity is a part). I of course have no idea if it helped since I always had it, but you should ask the oncologist about that.

    Sending good wishes to Mark,

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    I also had a painful jaw with my oxaliplatin. It did go away a couple of days after each treatment and ended once I finished my chemo. Tell Mark to hang in there!! :)