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Has any of you ladies undergone Taxotere combined with A/C at the same time? I still haven't found anyone who has gone through this type of treatment (6 chemos every 21 days/ then 5 weeks radiation.
I'm at almost 7 months after my last radiation (June 1st 05) and have trouble walking. My leg bone and nerve pain causes me to walk very stiff and if I overdo it, I have to call in sick. Hey, at least I'm able to work full time.
I hear Taxol also causes nerve damage and takes longer for the legs to heal.
Anyone else? Please Respond. Kathy


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    Hi I just got through about 3 weeks ago with taxotere. I was getting it every three weeks for 4 cycles. I didn't get in combo with A/C. And yes, I am still feeling the affects. My legs are just not the same. The pain comes and goes. I didn't hear that Taxol can damage your nerves, but I did hear from the nurse that it affects the nerves and that is why we feel pain. I did hear from a 1 year survivor that her left hand has not been the same since taxol. It may just have long term effects that hopefully go away or get better with time. Like you I worked my job through all and my job requires leg work. I just didn't let it stop me. Hang in there, but if you are really concerned with it talk to your doctor.

    God bless!
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    I wasn't on the Taxol with the A/C. I did it following and I had problems with severe and painful leg cramps and my knees buckled when I tried to stand and walk. It only lasted a few days but my dr. gave me pain pills to cope. It really helped. I'm a year out now and I don't have residual that I'm aware of, but I'm not sure exactly how I was before (you forget your old normal and get a new one). I was lucky and didn't have to work. You are MIGHTY!! Hang in there and you'll be ok. Hugs!!!
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    I was on Taxol and A/C. I still feel the numbness in my legs and it has been a yr. the pain has not been constant but i know it is there. I have problems with my hands also. I can live with it. I am Glad to be alive. You are a Warrior! hang in there. Everyone is different on the side effects of these drugs.ALWAYS talk with your doctors about the effects you are experiencing
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    I got taxotere with A/C (four rounds in fall of 2004, every three weeks), then I received weekly herceptin, taxotere and carboplatin for 6 months, then 31 radiation treatments. I had some nerve pain during that time but it went away about 3 months after treatment stopped. I still have the bone and joint pain that causes me to be very stiff. This is starting to resolve (it has been six - seven months since chemo finished. I have also been told that if you are on tamoxifen (as I am) that it can cause bone and joint pain. I have found that taking aleve once a day really helps with the stiffness and makes it easier to move and allows me to be able to work full time. Try the Aleve and hang in there.
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    Thanks so much for your responses. You don't know how relieved it is to know I'm not alone. This website is an awesome tool and I hope I get more responses. Knowledge IS POWER. And HOPE is out there. Plus reading some of your questions and responses is rather enlightening. Kathy