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severe heartburn,, i need help with this one

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hello everyone, hope you are all doing well today,, ok i know that i'am starting to sound like a nut.. i have been told that hiccups and heartburn tend to go hand in hand with this dreaded deisease... ok, my brother and i need to know what the rest of you are taking for your heartburn, the onc said for him to take prevacid,, its not workin at all.... he is in pain... please your responce is much appriciated.. on a good not brothers diahrea has stopped and the vomiting... onc perscribed some more meds to stop it.... also a pill to thicken his blood.. and steroid,, he had to get 6 bags og iv [water/sugar. and 3 bags anti nausea... we have an appt with his gen practitioner on monday .. wish him well...and i hope your all well.... my brother got his ssi,[social security disability] instantly... we are in oregon.. i just say they in responce to friendnpenns question,, maybe penn is differant than oregon.. but also my brother is stage 4..........best reguards buttons1

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I only had the hiccups, they weren't bad just annoying...I never took anything for them but someone will be in here shortly that will have an answer for you...Buzz

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This was the culprit for me when I was on Folfox (btw, I am also stage IV).

It is important to keep the iron up, so if this is the cause discuss alternatives with your Onc.

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Lots of Tums (regardless of what else you are using)

Lastly, discuss with the nurse and the pharmacist as well. They can be great secondary resources and often spend more time with the patient than the Doctor does.

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The oral dexamethazone that he took at home after the chemo was the culprit for my husband. Once he switched to zofran and an antacid he had no more problems.


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thank you buzzard,, i posted a topic just a little while ago.. im to tired to write more tonight but please read my post.. thank you for replying again. i feel like we are friends. buttons1

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George takes Prilosec and when needed, some tums. For diarrhea, Immodium AD.


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I take Aciphex for heartburn. No problems with it since I started taking it many years ago.

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I found that prilosec(omeprazole) works wonders. easier to be on a scheduled medication than have to carr tums everywhere. Hope he feels better soon... Petrina

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Have you tried Probiotics? My doctor recommended an expensive brand of Probiotics. I went to our local health grocery store and read all the labels. They had over 50 probiotic choices! I picked on in the middle price range that seemed to have what the very expensive probiotics had. Live bacteria, 30 Billion microbes from 7 different microbes, etc... It was $11 for two weeks supply. I have been on it for 5 days and my gas, bloating, heartburn has diminished dramatically.

Just an idea.
Best Always, mike

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Nana b
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Prvacid is ongoing, it does not work with one dose. He should be percribed it and on a higher dose. My ONC put me on it right away. So did my liver surgeon.

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Hi Buttons,

Ask your doctor of course but Pam and I each take 20mg of Omeprazole daily. First thing in the morning, an hour before food. I started at 40mg for my acid reflux but now 20mg works for me. Best wishes.


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