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Was I just not paying attention?

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It seems to me that cancer (as a whole or generic) is being mentioned more and more.

Seems like I can't pick up a novel without one of the character's having had or being related to someone who had cancer.

Even on the tv...was just watch a rerun of Law and Order and what was it about...Cancer patients.

Anyone else notice a rise in this or was I just not paying attention before?

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more and more....but sometimes it is not as dire as it used to be. A few years back when a movie showed a chemo patient they were rolling around the floor screaming.....oh wait.....that's what we do.....hahah

seriously yes more

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Thanks for the laugh. Oh My Gosh, it was a good laugh.
I think it's kind of like when you buy a new car, say a Volkswagen Beetle, then you start noticing all these other Volkswagen Beetles. So I often wonder if it just isn't because we have cancer, we pay more attention to things we read or watch that have cancer. Before I had cancer, I didn't know my 3 other neighbors had suffered through cancer (I knew about my next door neighbor, just not the other 3)since I've had cancer, I've met and talked with my neighbors and was shocked at the cancer world that surrounds me. Quite amazing what we become more attuned to.
Winter Marie

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I think that we are more sensitive to the subject, but I also think they like to really play up the dramatic side on the TV shows. LOL! Have any of you gotten the attention that patients get on these shows??? I do admit that having a severe reaction to chemo or crashing to the floor does get the nurses to check on you! Sometimes the Oncologist will even show up so he can charge extra for your treatment! ( Last week when I passed out during my Port Flush I woke up to see a strange man standing nearby watching the nurses and the EMTS work on me. I finally figured out that he was an Oncologist....I bet I get a bill!!!! )

I usually don't watch TV, but my daughter has to watch Greys Anatomy, House and whatever. I just try to ignore it!

Take Care


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You are right, cancer is in so many tv shows + movies; often unexpectedly. I agree with Winter Marie that when you have something, you do notice others with it, but I also think a lot of writers like the feelings that emerge when a cancer patient is introduced.

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diagnosis of cancer? Maybe stories of those coping with cancer have become more popular as the incidence of cancer increases with an increasingly aged population and younger generations with even worse eating/lifestyle habits........i guess now in popular culture cancer sells......steve

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you would think we could audition for those big paying cancer roles....

I mean we collectively have a wealth of experience....

and we are good looking....and smart too


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How about setting up our own Talent Agency? Do you think we would get closed down for discrimination if we required a prior diagnosis of cancer?


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but I often find that true to all things that occur in my life. For example, when I bought my car 3 years ago (A Chevy Tahoe) I thought I was buying a car that few would want to own since it was a gas guzzlers SUV, but as the months passed by everyone around me seemed to also own a Tahoe:) Maybe we are just made to be more aware of "things" that are relatable. Sending :)s Melissa

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