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Radiation Oncologist or Medical Oncologist

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As you all know - after robotic RP in Jan 2005 and external beam RT in Dec 2010 - my PSA in
Jan 2011 is 0.4 - I have to continue to be medically followed. The confusing question for me is who should I keep visiting - Radiation Oncologist or Medical Oncologist? I request your experiences. Thanks.

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Medical oncology, for sure. The radiation specialist has done his best. Same thing for the urologist. Gave his best shot. Now it is on to the next step (of many).
You want a disease specialist and not a treatment specialist. Your treatment specialists, radiation and urology, are still on board if you ever have urology or radiation needs in the future, but now you need someone who can know the situation and follow it closely. There are some medical oncologists who specialize in prostate cancer. There are others who have a medical interest in prostate cancer though they are general oncologists. The point is to find the best man or woman you can, just as you tried when you needed surgery and radiation. You have some time to look around. The uro and rad guys are now out of their depth. Nothing personal for them and they sure will not take it that way.

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Why should this be a one or the other choice? I would surround myself with a team of specialists that offer different perspectives and background to treating my cancer. A board certified radiology oncologist and a board certified medical oncologist, provided that they have a strong background or (better yet) specialty in prostate cancer are two experts I would want to be included in my team and wouldn't consider excluding either one.

To be successful, I believe you must have a close partnership with your medical team and much of this depends upon how you interact and relate with the personality of the doctor. Both oncology specialists can bring these qualities to the table and if it were me, I would try to have both of them. An ideal candidate, to me at least, would be one who is young enough to be around for a long time and be up to date with the latest technologies and recent advances, have a personality that meshed with mine, and have a strong background in prostate cancer.

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