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My husband has stage IV stomach cancer. He has been doing pretty well with this new round of chemo except for the horrible nausea/vomiting. Since being diagnosed in October food means nothing to him anymore. Most days he keeps it all down but some days are bad. It is so hard to tell someone to eat when they feel like crap and are nauseous. How do I get him to keep the weight there? He seems to be just wasting away. He won't do the J-tube. Anyone have any suggestions? Certain foods to eat? Nighttime seems to be when the most vomiting occurs. Seems to be that food does not digest properly anymore. Any advice would be great. We have tried all the anti-nausea meds and none really seem to make it go away.

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Hi Jenene,
My husband also has stage IV stomach cancer and was diagnosed on 6/21/10. He also had incredible nausea and absolutely no appetite. At first, he also started to waste away and went from 186 to 123 pounds. It was only through the following that he ended up battling his way back to 140 pounds. He ate very often and always very small amounts of food at a time. He drank a Boost for lunch, which he was able to do over about two hours. He ate as many high calorie foods as possible trying to also stay away from a lot of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. He always had a half cup of good ice cream before going to bed. I was a major pain in his backside, making him eat when that was the last thing he wanted to do. You may also want to document the foods he eats to see if you can find a common thread as to what does or doesn't work. In addition, pureeing his food may help as his stomach will not have to work nearly as hard and he will be able to better absorb the nutrients he needs. A lot of trial and error is what we went through. I hope some of this works and I also wish you and your husband the best of luck.

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Sorry to be blunt, but if its the difference between using a j-tube or wasting away...take the j-tube. I will also recomend the Sancuso patch for nausea. It was the only pharmecutical that helped my nausea, but its VERY expensive. Other than that, I have had very good results with medical marijuana. For me, it made the difference between being confined to bed wretching for hours or getting out trout fishing and playing with my daughter. Best of luck to you both and keep fighting!

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